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Privacy Notice

This Redeemer Health Privacy Notice explains relevant information regarding your visiting and interacting with this Redeemer Health website, including the information that Redeemer Health may collect through this website, how it is collected, and why. It also explains with whom we may share that information. Further below, this Privacy Notice discusses the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Redeemer Health’s maintaining privacy and security of protected health information under the HIPAA.

This Privacy Notice applies to Redeemer Health’s proprietary websites, including: 

and Redeemer Health and its subsidiaries and affiliates. *These sites are not managed by Redeemer Health.

By accessing and utilizing this website, you consent to our collection and utilization of information about you and your interaction with our website, as explained herein. 

For the purpose of this Privacy Notice, “Personal Information” is information that either directly identifies you or could reasonably be used in combination with other publicly available information to identify or contact you. Examples of Personal Information include your name, postal address, telephone number, e-mail address, and other information in combination with such identifiers. If you have any questions concerning the confidentiality of your Personal Information or protected health information at Redeemer Health, you may contact Redeemer’s Privacy Officer at (215) 856-1148 or by sending an email to sglogowski@redeemerhealth.org

What data do we collect and how will we use it?
For certain services accessible through our website, such as providing an online donation, sending us an email, or submitting a form, we may ask you to provide us with Personal Information. This information is collected and used (a) for the purposes described in this Privacy Notice, (b) as indicated on the website when the information is requested, and/or (c) as permitted by law. 

When you use our website, we may collect the following kinds of Personal Information from you: Your name, email address, mailing address, phone number, and other information you choose to provide.

We may also automatically collect other digital information from you which does not directly identify you but may correspond with you or a particular device. We use this information to learn more about how our website and online resources are used (e.g., to determine how many visitors we have to our website or different pages on our website) and to otherwise improve, administer or maintain the website. We also may use this information to deliver information tailored to your interests and preferences, based on your use of the website. 

In addition, certain information is collected by most browsers or automatically through your device, such as your Media Access Control (MAC) address, computer type, screen resolution, operating system name and version, device manufacturer and model, language, and Internet browser type and version. 

When you visit and interact with our website, information we may collect includes the following: Information regarding the referring and exit web pages, to and from our website, and the date and time of page views. Your Internet Protocol (“IP”) address, operating system, browser type and language and other information about your activities on the website. Device information, such as the device used to access or use the website. If your device settings permit, we may also collect information about the precise location of your device. Online tracking information, such as through the use of tracking technologies, e.g., cookies, pixel tags, local stored objects, and web beacons, to collect information as and when you interact with our website. For example, we may utilize Google Analytics or components of Google Analytics to collect information about your use of the website and other websites. Information on Google Analytics’ privacy policy may be found here. Information on how to opt-out from Google Analytics may be found here.

We may collect your information for a number of reasons including to:

  • Maintain our records for administrative purposes
  • Administer, maintain and improve our website and provide you with relevant information and a more user-friendly experience
  • Analyze usage and activities regarding our website
  • Send you information
  • Administer events, community groups and other community outreach activities
  • Process donations to Redeemer Health
  • Detect, investigate and prevent illegal activities
  • Comply with applicable law

We may share your information, including Personal Information, with our website service providers to carry out the purpose for which we collected your information and to maintain, improve, and protect our website. These service providers may only use your information to accomplish the purposes described in this Privacy Notice. We may also share your information to comply with law, such as in response to a subpoena or court order demanding such information. If all or part of Redeemer Health is merged with another entity, the information we have about you may be transferred to a third-party as part of that transaction.

Redeemer Health does not sell, share, or otherwise disclose the information we collect through our website, except as provided in this Privacy Notice. 

Our website may use a tracking technology called a “cookie,” which is a small data file that a website can place on your computer’s hard drive where your internet browser files are kept. This file is then stored on your computer. Cookies enable us to recognize when a computer being used to browse our website has previously visited our website. Cookies may also be used to enable a website to “remember” the information a visitor has previously inputted. Cookies may be placed on your computer both by us and by third parties with whom we have a relationship, such as a web analytic service provider (e.g. Google Analytics). We may use cookies to track user traffic patterns. We do this to determine the usefulness of the information we supply to you, see how effective our navigational structure is in helping users reach that information, and/or deliver a consistent and smooth browsing experience to our visitors. 

You may delete and manage cookies through your internet browser. Most internet browsers allow you to change your browser settings, for example, to notify you when you receive a cookie, let you choose whether to accept a cookie delete a cookie or all cookies, and/or automatically refuse all cookies. 

New services and specific cookies may be added to our website from time to time without prior notice to you. This Privacy Notice may also be updated and posted online for this or any other reason. Any updated Privacy Notice will become effective when posted.

Children's Privacy
We do not knowingly collect any Personal Information from children under 13-years old. However, if the parent or the guardian of a child under 13 years old believes that the child has provided us with Personal Information, the parent or guardian of that child may contact Redeemer’s Privacy Officer at (215) 856-1148 or send an email to sglogowski@redeemerhealth.org to request that the information be deleted. Anyone under 18 years old should seek their parent’s or guardian’s permission prior to using or disclosing any Personal Information to Redeemer Health. 

Redeemer Health’s Data Security Measures
Redeemer Health takes reasonable steps to protect information collected through our websites, including Personal Information, from unauthorized access. However, no internet transmission is completely secure or error free and we cannot guarantee that the information, during transmission or while stored, will be absolutely safe from unauthorized access. You should take special care before deciding to send us information through our websites.

Links from Our Website to Other Non-Redeemer Health Websites
Our website may contain links to other, non-Redeemer Health websites, e.g., to access a Redeemer Health patient portal, pay a medical bill, etc. Redeemer Health does not endorse and is not responsible for the content of third-party websites like these and this Privacy Notice does not apply to any websites that are not the property of Redeemer Health, even if you access them via a link on one of our websites. You should review the privacy policies of any third-party website you access through a Redeemer Health website before providing information.

International Transfer of Your Information
Redeemer Health’s website is owned and operated in the United States, but the information you provide may be accessible by our vendors in other countries. If you are visiting this website from a country other than the United States, your information will cross an international border. The level of protection for your information in the United States may not be the same as the level of protection in your country. By using this website, you consent to the collection, storage, and processing of your information in the United States and in any country to which we may transfer your information in the course of our business operations. 

Your Rights to Your Personal Information
Certain jurisdictions provide their residents with specific rights regarding their Personal Information. These rights include the right of access to a user’s Personal Information, the right to correct incomplete or inaccurate Personal Information, the right to request erasure of Personal Information when there is no need for us to continue processing it, the right to object to the processing of Personal Information where we are relying on a legitimate interest and you have appropriate grounds to object, the right to opt-out of the processing of your Personal Information, the right to request the transfer of your Personal Information to another party, or the revocation of your consent. 

If you are entitled to avail yourself of any of the foregoing rights or similar other rights that may be afforded under law, you may exercise your rights by contacting us via email addressed to sglogowski@redeemerhealth.org. You must include your name and contact information (mailing address, phone number, and/or email address) so that we may verify your request and indicate in your message that you are making the request pursuant to an appropriate law. Please specify the law and indicate whether you would prefer to receive a response from us by email or postal mail. Provided that we can verify your request, we will respond within the time required by law. You may be entitled to authorize an agent to make a request on your behalf.

To designate an authorized agent, please provide a written and executed document signed by both you and the agent authorizing them to act on your behalf. You may also use a power of attorney. We may still require additional information or documentation from you or the authorized agent to allow us to reasonably verify that you are the person about whom we collected personal information. 

Privacy Notice Translation 
Our notices of privacy are available in Russian and Spanish. Download the notices in Russian here, or in Spanish here. To request a privacy notice in a different language, please call 215-856-1148. 

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
This portion of our Privacy Notice applies to individuals whose health information is (a) in the possession of Redeemer Health and/or its subsidiaries or affiliates, and (b) afforded protection under HIPAA. HIPPA requires us to maintain the privacy of our patients’ protected health information (“PHI”) and to provide you with notice of our legal duties and privacy practices with respect to your PHI. We will only use and disclose your PHI as described in this Privacy Notice and will abide by the terms of this Privacy Notice while it remains in effect. Unless you expressly indicate to the contrary, you agree to receive information from us and the persons and entities with whom we share your PHI by automated means, e.g. automatic telephone dialing system, pre-recorded message, artificial voice, email, and/or SMS (text messages).

Redeemer Health’s Use of Your PHI
We may use and disclose your PHI in connection with your medical treatment and/or other medical services we provide to you. In addition, we may contact you to provide appointment reminders or information about your treatment and our related services. We may also disclose PHI to other providers within Redeemer Health and its subsidiaries and affiliates, and other providers and health care entities outside of these organizations (e.g., physicians, nurses, pharmacies and other non-Redeemer Health providers and facilities involved in your medical treatment). We may accomplish such sharing of your PHI with other providers through a Health Information Exchange. You have the right to opt out of having your PHI shared with a Health Information Exchange. To exercise this right, you may contact Redeemer Health via email at sglogowski@redeemerhealth.org. Redeemer Health may utilize your PHI for our other internal, health care and related business operations. These internal purposes include but may not be limited to internal administration, education and training, and business planning and development.

We may also use and disclose your PHI to third parties to obtain payment for our services provided to you. Redeemer Health also contracts with certain third parties with whom we share your PHI and enter into appropriate business associate relationships with, to appropriately safeguard your PHI as required by law.

We are also permitted to utilize and/or disclose your PHI without written authorization from you for the following purposes:

  • Within Redeemer Hospital’s patient directory, which may include Personal Information concerning you and be disclosed to anyone who asks for you by name, in person or via telephone.  
  • In the event of an emergency or other legally permissible situation, we may disclose your PHI, as legally permitted, to notify your designated emergency contact person(s) or others of your location, health condition or death. 
  • Certain Public Health activities as permitted or required by law, such as reporting births or deaths, preventing or controlling the spread of disease, injury or disability, reporting child abuse and neglect, reporting to the United States Food and Drug Administration, to assist Federal disaster relief efforts, and/or reporting to your employer when your treatment relates to a work-related injury, illness or death. 
  • In the event we reasonably believe you are a victim of abuse, neglect or domestic violence and are legally permitted or required to disclose your PHI to a governmental authority. 
  • Other governmental authorities we are legally permitted or required to disclose your PHI to, such as Medicare or Medicaid.
  • In the event of death, we may disclose the deceased PHI to a coroner, medical examiner or funeral director as permitted by law.
  • In response to a court order, subpoena or other lawful process requiring the disclosure of your PHI.
  • Organ and tissue donations, banking or transplantation, and research entities, for which disclosing your PHI is legally permitted.
  • In aid of a criminal investigation concerning conduct on any of Redeemer Health’s properties.
  • To respond to an audit or investigation by a health-related government agency, assist in a governmental state or national security issue, to assist a prison or other law enforcement custodian in regard to an inmate’s or prisoner’s health or medical treatment, or to respond to a military branch authority if you are member or veteran of the armed forces. 
  • When otherwise required to disclose your PHI by law.

For any purpose other than those described above, we may disclose your PHI to third parties only when you provide Redeemer Health with your specific written authorization.

Mental Health Information
Federal and state laws may provide special protections to documents and other records regarding, but not limited to psychotherapy notes, mental health and developmental disabilities services, information about drug and alcohol abuse, prevention, treatment, and referrals when you are seeking care for such issues, information relating to HIV/AIDS testing, diagnosis, or treatment and other sexually transmitted diseases, and information involving genetic testing and other genetic-related information. Any disclosure of these types of records will be made subject to these special protections, as provided by law. In addition, there are limited circumstances under the law when this information may be released without your consent. For example, certain sexually transmitted diseases must be reported to the Department of Health.

Your Rights Regarding Protected Health Information
Your rights regarding your PHI include the following:

  • You may request your medical and billing records. You may be charged for copies in accordance with established policy and state and federal guidelines and laws, if applicable. If you are a parent or legal guardian of a minor, certain portions of the minor’s medical record may be inaccessible to you under the law unless the patient him/herself authorizes us to disclose this information to you. Other limitations on your right to access medical records may apply, pursuant to law.
  • You may request additional restrictions on our use or disclosure of your PHI. However, we may not be required to agree with your request, and we may decline your request if it would affect your health or medical treatment, or we reasonably believe the information is accurate as set forth in your records. If we agree to a restriction, we may override that restriction in emergency situations when the disclosure is needed for purposes of treatment.
  • You may reasonably request in writing to us, to receive your PHI by alternative means of communication or at alternative locations. For example, you may also instruct us not to contact you by telephone at a specific phone number, or you may give us a mailing address other than your home address for test results.
  • You may also revoke your authorization for us to disclose your PHI. 
  • You also have the right to request that we correct PHI within your medical or billing records. 
  • You may request a record of certain PHI disclosures. Such a request may cover certain disclosures made in the six years prior to the date of your request. 

To exercise any of these rights, and any others provided under applicable law, we must receive your request or other instruction in a writing signed by you or your authorized representative at sglogowski@redeemerhealth.org or S. Glogowski, 521 Moredon Road, Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006. We may reasonably require additional information and/or writings from you or your authorized representative to process and/or determine our obligations with respect to any such requests. 

You also have the right to receive written notification from us in the event of a breach of your unsecured PHI, e.g., an unauthorized access, use, or disclosure of your PHI, as required by law.

Privacy Notice Date: February 19, 2024

Notices of Privacy

At Redeemer, safeguarding your privacy has always been of paramount importance. These regulations place additional responsibility on healthcare organizations and healthcare workers to protect private health information.

Our notices of privacy are available in Russian and Spanish. Download the notices in Russian here, or in Spanish here. To request a privacy notice in a different language, please call 215-856-1148.